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A Reflection from the Morning After (Elections)

I know this morning that a majority of my awakened and intelligent soul tribe are upset by the results the US elections. Before projecting on to something "out there" (whether or not you voted for the elects), here's a higher perspective on all of this to consider...

On Shopping on Thanksgiving and PresenCE

Are you staying authentic and aware of your actions, and the true impact you have on your world and the world around you? A GREAT lesson and experience at the onset of the end-of-year holidays to remind us all to be present to all of this... and how we can do it differently!

Words, the Arts, and Our Advancement of Consciousness

Are you minimizing the role of the Arts - painting, drawing, music, dance, words, etc. - in their importance on our individual and collective journey of consciousness, back to Remembrance? Stop thinking it, and start FEELING it... and you'll know otherwise!

Having Some Tough Moments? Hours? Days? How to Shift from that…

We're going through a lot of deep, deep releasing of that which doesn't serve us right now, both collectively and individually. We're letting go of what's left of the "old 3D" and the "old way of doing things"... which, in many cases, is causing what the ego perceives as a LOT of upheaval in day-to-day life. A different way to perceive it, and how to transcend the moment in remembrance...

Remember the Divine Light is Within

Do you know how to remember the Divine Light within?