CLAIM – Conscious Life Alchemy through Inner Mastery
A 16-week Whole Life Up-Leveling Journey

Are you a consciousness seeker, empath, or intuitive who’s felt:

  • overwhelmed, stuck, at a plateau in your life experience and in your consciousness, like you’ve lost your center, and/or distracted with the chaos of the world around you?
  • you’ve spent $$ and time on many classes, certifications, practices, and books on consciousness, energy work, and self help, and yet you haven’t really implemented the skills and tools in your practical, every day life… and you’ve yet to find relief and resolution to some of your core challenges and limitations?
  • the pull for change, being guided to leave or expand on something prominent in your life, but unclear on what to do next?
  • like you’ve lost your footing regardless of you energy/spiritual practice(s), and like you’ve been “missing the signs” on what direction to take next?

  • tired, agitated, and/or frustrated because regardless of what you’ve tried in consciousness work, you’ve had the following manifesting:

    • close relationships ending (by death/divorce/other trauma)
    • feeling trapped in your own life
    • illness/injury
    • change in financial flow
    • change in living situation
    • hitting the same problem/issue again and again, regardless of what you’ve tried
  • your life is a 6, 7, or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, you’re in mid-adulthood, and are ready and willing to move towards a 10… but aren’t sure how to make that leap?

If you said yes to any of the above, it might be time for us to take an incredible 16-week journey together!

Check out this video below outlining what the CLAIM program offers for you:

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CLAIM is an acronym that stands for “Conscious Life Alchemy through Inner Mastery” – which is something that sounds intense and complex, when it’s really bringing a LOT together, simply and powerfully. It’s a 16-week program that helps you to remember and anchor in you center, supports you in expanding your self-love and consciousness, and helps you to connect the dots to “bring it all together,” know that and practice access to everything you need INside to functionally and practically use, so you allow yourself to fulfill your true potential while creating and embracing powerful change for a happier, healthier, wealthier, and exponentially more conscious life.

This program is a “Best Of,’ from working with and teaching countless individuals over the past 12.5 years, bringing together typically separate components that straddle consciousness (the non-physical) and living (the physical) into a simple, powerful, and yet practical program to help you fulfill your potential!

  • Detach from paralyzing overwhelm and find presence and observation within yourself (how to be “the calm in the storm” and see the root of challenges in your life)
  • Completely up-level your “energetic operating system” and gain an inclusive perspective of expanded consciousness, to help you integrate and simplify all you’ve done in practices and experiences into what actually works for you
  • Learn a modality with a powerful method of self-healing, shifting, and resolution in a way that you don’t need to go to anyone else, take classes, or look for the primary answers outside of yourself anymore. AND, master the management of energy in and around you
  • “Bring it all together” to begin to functionally and practically use your knowledge and practice to powerfully rewrite and navigate your life to your own specs, in a  balanced, powerful, happier, healthier, wealthier, conscious, and magical life!

From there, the sky’s the limit!

This will affect EVERYTHING in your life:

  • Be centered, at peace, and remember happiness in every moment
  • Know you can handle EVERYTHING… and that it can come to you in a way that’s far easier, flowing, and positive
  • Feel better in life, feel better about yourself
  • Improve (and gain) amazing soulmate relationships
  • Improve your health and vibrancy
  • Improve your energy and experience around wealth
  • Allow yourself to have a completely desired life experience
  • … and more!

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