Though this beam isn’t what the photo showed, it’s similar to how I see/feel the knob. I start thrumming inside just looking at this!

“Here we go again…” I thought, as we came around the bend, just shy of being able to see it from the highway.

I knew because my body started buzzing – particularly, the top of my head – and suddenly, I went completely electric.

My whole being relaxed at that, and I felt my heart fall open. This familiar feeling – the Welcoming, I call it – just made me want to press on the accelerator to get there even faster.

But I was patient; I knew we were were just… about… there.

The Message(s)

The Pilot Mountain portal started pinging me to return a few months ago (yes, sometimes I’m STILL slow to respond, even being conscious of the pinging!).

First, there was a ping to start writing about my consciousness experiences again, which I haven’t really been sharing publicly (at least on my Website) for a long time.

Second came the pull to call on my dear soul sister, Phran, with whom I’ve had numerous adventures at Pilot Mountain, but hadn’t seen for awhile. We met for lunch, but I felt like there was more for us to do. We both had a lot going on, so we vaguely committed to maybe going for a hike… soon.

That was September… and then we let it slide.

Except the mountain didn’t!

Third… Several weeks ago, I received a “random” (notice the quotes) DM in Instagram from someone I’d not ever met before. She told me how she’d been on a flight on her way home from a pilgrimage in Egypt, and was looking through photos she had… and became entranced with a Pilot Mountain photo she’d saved from someone else’s post about it. She started doing some research on Pilot Mountain, and was reaching out to thank me for the posts I wrote about it back in 2010 and 2012. Which was a great nudge in itself…

Because I KNEW I’d taken those posts down long ago, when I’d moved my Website to a new URL. Even the old URL pointed to the current site, and I KNEW I didn’t have those posts on the current site!

But when I searched for them on the Internet, there they were. (Note: I’ve now moved them over to this site, and you can read them here: 1) Take One from Pilot Mountain, An Awakening Energy Center-2010; 2) Take Two: SHOOTING Through the Door to an Expanded Reality on Pilot Mountain!-2010; 3) Close Encounters of the Pilot Mountain Kind-2012; 4) Stepping Through the Doorway at Pilot Mountain (and Beyond) on 12-12-12. They’re definitely worth the read to get “up to speed” on some of my experiences with the mountain.)

And Fourth, a few days after the Instagram interchange, I was sitting at my computer working, and suddenly, in the bottom left of my screen, up popped a message from Google Drive… about a “memory” from 12/12/12… the Pilot Mountain trek with Phran.

I didn’t need any more pings.

So, we went last Friday, on 11/10. (Honestly, I had no idea it was 11/10, coming into the 11/11 weekend, which would OF COURSE follow suit with my patterns there! All synchronistic, and always perfect.)

The Entry

One of the funny things I’ve noticed is that more often than not, the weather isn’t particularly perfect for a hike when I’m called to go. I feel like that’s because we go because of the call, not just because we want to take a hike at a nice place on a nice day. I also feel like it’s to minimize interference while we’re connecting in.

After a perfect autumn weather week, on Friday it was rainy, windy, and chilly. However, the forecast showed a break in the rain, anyway… and that’s how we knew.

We ate lunch in the car when we got there, because it was still raining. By the time we were done eating, the parking lot showed a minimal number of visitors… and it had stopped.


For the entire time we were walking the trail to the knob, the wind was blowing, and it felt cold. We laughed, because again, we knew. Pilot Mountain had called, and we were tuning in.

As we walked up to the base of the knob, we turned right… and were pulled into a little inlet, or a “watery cave,” as we call it, because the rocks tell a story of a long, long time ago, when there was water there.

And that’s where we entered.

Immediately, the wind stopped. And it didn’t feel cold, either. We sat down, connected in… and immediately felt the BIG HUG, like being embraced by the mountain.

While we sat and chatted, I just had a bigger and bigger feeling come over me. I finally closed my eyes, and I “saw” it; the pillar of energy coming through the center of the knob, from deep in the Earth up to wherever.

It was like a superhighway; it was SO MUCH BIGGER and SO MUCH MORE than it had ever been, in my experience!

It beckoned me in, and I gladly surrendered to it.

Then I melted away.

At that moment, all the moments I had been there – and will be there – all combined into one.

I could barely concentrate, barely speak.

I could feel the connections between the portals this “doorway” in some way connects. I could simultaneously feel Mount Shasta, Egypt, Peru, Glastonbury, Hawaii, and more; actually, I knew right away that many more formerly dormant portals had come “online” since the last time I was there, and were all connected in, too.

I remember feeling that and trying to hold a conversation. At some point, something pushed up to the surface, seemingly out of nowhere.

Impatience, almost to the point of tears.

I thought, “Aren’t we ready yet?”

Not sure for what.

I might have said that out loud, or something to that effect. I remember hearing Phran say, sort of randomly, “You can’t have a cake turn out perfect unless you have the right ingredients put together in the right way, and until it’s cooked at the right temperature, for the right amount of time.” (Which was so perfect, but that’s for my next post.)

The Beam of Energy and the Gateways

Here’s where the ravens kept flying past us, sitting up on some rocks. See the faces in the rocks next to us?

Soon, we proceeded to another point, higher up on the rocks, where we felt like we were flying. Ravens kept on gliding past, and they would startle us with our eyes closed, because they were making sounds I’d never heard a bird make. Of course, they’re a part of the whole experience, too!

That Pillar –  Portal? Doorway? Gateway? – was so powerful; the longer I was a part of it, the less of “me” there was.

In my mind’s eye, it LOOKED different, and FELT different than it had before. I told Phran it looked so different, and I was trying to describe that somehow, the closest I could come to explaining was that the texture had changed. Then I realized… I was “seeing” and feeling a different vibration that was newly opened up here.

We eventually proceeded to a few other spots; at our last spot, I couldn’t talk at all anymore. I heard, “DO what you came here to DO!” I just said to Phran, “Give me you hand.”

She did; when we held hands, we were immediately transported.

She jumped, and said something to the effect of, “WOW! Wow, wow!”

At that moment, I saw so many of us in there, connected outside of space and time. And we were together activating this “new level vibration,” remembering  our seamlessness, with each other and this stream – or superhighway – of vibration. As part of this Gateway.

It was a HUGE pulse and up-leveling!

It immediately broke up everything not meeting that vibration. It was like I could feel blocks, pieces just breaking and falling away, like a river of lava just melting everything in its path, powerfully and effortlessly… in a great, cleansing way!

In every cell of my being, I knew the words, LET GO.

I did… and it was that easy. There would be no reason for me not to!

We were there for awhile; then we sat and let it sink in before we felt like it was time to head back.

We were a bit punch drunk, and wobbly. I set myself to be able to focus while it integrated, and while I allowed.

However, we weren’t done yet.

As we rounded the last part before reaching full circle on the trail, back to where we started at the knob, we saw some big rocks a bit off the trail that we didn’t remember being there before.

The funniest thing about Pilot Mountain is that every time we’re there, the faces in the rocks are different… and so are many of the rocks.

I was pulled to go down to these, so we did. They made a little cave that felt like yet another portal, so I walked underneath… and was immediately energetically transported to a familiar rock formation in Mount Shasta.

Ascension Rock.

Funny thing was, the vibration was so perfectly in synch, so identical, that I couldn’t even remember the “human” name of it at the moment, when I was trying to voice it. Phran felt the portal, as she walked underneath as well.

Somehow, we made it back up the trail, back to the car, and back home… even though I barely remember the walk. And there have been dimensional “wobblies” off and on ever since!

What’s for Everyone

As I saw so many there in the energy with us, there was definitely a message of letting go and REALLY opening up to allow. It was clear to me, when Phran and I joined hands, that we had all agreed to do this, here and now… to activate or access this completely different level of vibration again… to confidently create the sweeping wave of change that we’ve been feeling has been right around the corner.

THIS is the vibration that opens the Gates, and brings it on, NOW.

There was nothing scary about this; it was completely joyous, ecstatic, and an exhale that we hadn’t known we hadn’t taken. Finally; it’s time.

So, after you read this, connect in, out of space and time, and step up to agree to your opening as part of this Gateway, too!

It’s these experiences that continue to drive me to do what I do, and focus where I focus… to support all of us to master transcendence of distractions, optimizing our presence to saturate our moment-to-moment experience while getting the messages we’ve placed for ourselves, expanding and mastering our intuition and consciousness beyond where we’ve typically gone before, and marrying the two in practicality to master life while we simultaneously master this collective shift.

If you’re ready to get past those stuck points, master your consciousness AND your life beyond where you’ve previously gotten, let’s talk, and see if we’d be a good fit to work together! 

P.S. Here’s a ley line map shared with me that shows the grid around Pilot Mountain:






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