2022: Ready for New Beginnings! Let’s Go!

Angela Coulter's Conscious Connections, New Years '21/'22 Edition: Consciousness considerations as we end one energetic phase and start another. Expanded consciousness vision board course begins Jan 6th!

Remember Who We Are

Remember Who We Are

New Phase: Exponentially Accelerated Openings, Remembrance, Mass Awakening Galore!

15826476_10209951262712688_5564952900572918781_n…all at the speed of thought!

What a beautiful, fresh new phase… and year… so excited we’ve chosen to be here together during this experience!!!

I have so, so, SO much to share… so much has shifted, and for the … Read the rest

Beyond the Misnomer of “Being Happy vs. Being Right”

Do you believe "Being Happy vs. Being Right" is the best way to go for peace in a relationship? Here's a slightly different perspective to consider in a way that goes beyond this belief, to ultimately allow everyone to live in their truth AND be happy!