Trinity Energy Progression™

The concept of the sacred trinity can be found in many forms across the Multiverse. At its core, the Trinity represents completion, bringing together duality and singularity into a state of wholeness and oneness.

Trinity Energy Progression is a powerful tool for accelerating consciousness expansion, energy healing, developing psychic and intuitive abilities, and embracing a holistic way of being. It reminds us that while separation is an illusion, the Multiverse is inclusive of all levels of duality and that everything is accessible from within, accessing the full Divine Consciousness, which is also referred to as the Quantum Field, God, Source, Spirit, All That Is, or other names.

This practice was brought to me from Expanded Consciousness in 2011 as a means of supporting rapid evolution and helping others take quantum leaps in their Remembrance. Since then, it has continuously evolved… and just recently I was guided to refresh the practice into its next level. There is quite a powerful community of practitioners and instructors around the country, with offerings for those who have been on the spiritual path for decades and those who are newly awakened to their expanded consciousness.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Trinity Energy Progression is its evolution. As we evolve, the practice evolves with us, supporting us in going beyond tradition, ceremony, and externally-focused teachings. It enables us to accelerate our journey toward enlightenment, pure creation, and true freedom.

Trinity Energy Progression supports us to allow a whole new level of magical existence that serves both ourselves and the collective from a basis of unity and unconditional love… while supporting us in becoming the most fulfilled potential of our authentic Self.

To learn more about Trinity Energy Progression, please visit the Website or connect with me directly.