I was 11 when I remember having my first experience connecting with a person who’d transitioned (or who was transitioning).

My great-grandmother – who lived with us – was in the hospital from a stroke and then a series of further complications.

The night she passed, it was the middle of the night. I felt someone sitting at the foot of my bed – literally an indentation in the bed – and lifted my head to see who it was.

She was sitting there. I didn’t even think of why I should be able to see her sitting there in the dark… I just did.

I think I was more in shock to see her there since she was in the hospital – but I was happy to see her! For whatever reason, my family wouldn’t let me go in to see her while she was hospitalized, so I hadn’t seen her in several weeks.

As I registered that she was the presence there at the foot of my bed, I just knew she was dying or already gone.

She said good-bye, told me she loved me (which was a rarity in my family back then)… and then disappeared.

I remember getting out of bed to look for my mother… who turned out to be gone. In fact, upon my traversing through the house, looking for someone, I realized I was alone.

And yet, for whatever reason, I wasn’t spooked. In fact, I remember just climbing back into bed, said to the dark, “Bye, Nana, love you too!” and cried myself to sleep.

(Side note: I would say this is the primary reason for the entire demeanor of a majority of those of us in GenX, because it was all about, “Leave the 11-year-old home alone in the middle of the night; that’s better than taking her to the hospital to say goodbye to her primary daytime caretaker, which would be too scary…” )

There were some other gentle nudges through the years, but  fast forward to around the time of my father’s death, in 2002, when those who’d passed started coming in to me VERY clearly. My Dad was the first to come in LOUD and CLEAR.

For years, he would announce himself when he was “coming in for a visit” by suddenly blasting some Frank Sinatra song in my head (he loved Frank Sinatra).

It was like he wanted to make sure the road to connecting was wide open; after that, connecting with those who had recently passed just became easier and easier, until it simply became commonplace.

On a different note, shortly after my grandmother passed, she would suddenly appear to me in the passenger seat of my car when I was driving somewhere to have a conversation with me. She would be so vivid that I could smell her perfume and see her out of the corner of my eye. (My husband, getting into my car after these experiences, has several times over the years noticed the smell of my grandmother’s perfume over the years, himself!)

Some have been blatant like that, and yet others have been much more subtle, but they simply make themselves known… especially when they know I’m used to sensing them there.

And Yet, on TV Shows and Movies…

I’ve been streaming a show on Hulu (which shows on ABC, second season coming in February) called Not Dead Yet.

Funny enough, I had no idea the show was about connecting with dead people! I should’ve known, because DUH, the name… but I honestly just was looking for something light and funny with my husband after a slew of Shadowy shows that were all awesome but DARK.

I knew Gina Rodriguez from the hilarious show Jane the Virgin. I saw her in the preview and said, “OK, fine… let’s give this a shot.”

If you haven’t seen it, the show IS a comedy, and definitely a fun watch! It’s about a writer who’s having a crisis after an ended relationship and goes back to a writing job she’d left, where the only the spot she could get is writing obituaries.

The kick: The individuals about whom she gets assigned to write an obituary show up to her, follow her around, and help give her insight to who they were, so she can get to know them intimately as she writes the obit. Once she submits the obit, MOST OF THE TIME they move on.

Lots of fun… and lots of life advice from her “clients.”

The thing I find a little bizarre is how the main character, Nell, hides it from everyone else, including her best friend. She’s terrified that they’ll think she’s crazy. I guess that goes along with her in her life crisis mode…

In a way, I get it… sort of. I guess I’d get it more if this were back in the early 2000s, before the inundation of the Internet and social media!

Or, am I skewed because it’s so common for me, and for a majority of those in my circle?

I don’t find it spooky or scary! It just is, another form of communicating with different dimensions, different vibrations. OF COURSE we can communicate, when we have the lines of communication open! (And the more we’re led and listen to our heart, the easier it is.)

The truth is, everyone can do it. In fact, many do and don’t allow themselves to realize it!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients or students come to me and claim they’ve been trying to connect with someone who’d transitioned out of body, but believed they couldn’t. Then, in conversation, it would be apparent to me that they were getting the communications, but their mind and ego was so in the way that they would snuff out the possibility… and doubt.

It would make me laugh, because more times than not, the essence of individual they were talking about would be right there in the room with us, typically right over their shoulder!

It’s what we shut off with the mind/ego, the questioning and believing when others tell you “there’s no such thing.” Or, we believe what TV and movies depict in terms of that kind of experience.

In Real Life, If This Happens…

So, in case you’re someone like Nell in Not Dead Yet, let me tell you:

You’re not crazy.

You’re not a freak.

Communicating with those who’ve transitioned out of body doesn’t have to be hard, or scary, or with some trumped up, ritual-laden ceremony.

It can be blatant… and it can be subtle. I have both kinds of experiences.

AND, it can be effortless!

When we get out of our way and stop trying to be dramatic about it, we CAN create boundaries; we’re ultimately not at the mercy of them intruding on us 24/7. That’s another thing that often makes me sigh in the TV show, which is often depicted in other similar movies and shows. (Of course, it often adds to the comedy!) I’ve been guided on how to easily set clear parameters and requirements for our connection.

Case in point: When my daughters were younger, they would see the disembodied all the time. In fact, my father, mentioned above, would sometimes show up standing at the foot of my oldest daughter’s bed in the middle of the night. She was only 6 when he passed away; she didn’t have too clear of a memory of him. So, when she described the “old man” she’d see standing there, I knew right away it was him. I told her he was obviously just checking in on and watching over her.

As it sometimes bugged her, I told my daughter to simply shut her bedroom door and indicate, strongly, that they were only allowed to enter when her door was open, and when she invited them. And it worked. In fact, when her younger sister started having experiences with having some visits in HER room… she very confidently told her sister how to do that!

The disembodied are all around us, because they are us, and are actually sometimes easier to connect with than when they were embodied! So it’s all about attuning ourselves to their disembodied vibration, and paying attention.

I’ve had many who’ve already passed come to me post-mortem for a healing, or guidance, or to pass on a message; I feel and treat it almost the same as when it’s someone who comes to me embodied…except I haven’t figured out how to get payment that way LOL!

The most bizarre experience I’ve had? Believe it or not, Robin Williams, right after he passed; he actually stuck around for awhile and took part in a Trinity Energy Progression class I was teaching… the students connected with him, too! (That’s definitely a blog for another day…)

The point is, open your heart (and mind) to allow all possibilities. STOP doubting yourself and thinking you’re “crazy” if/when you have these kinds of experiences! Stop believing what others tell you to believe, and pay attention to what’s going on within you. We’re not humans having a spiritual experience; we’re Spirit having a human experience. So OF COURSE we exist out of the body, in some way!

Even in our physics, energy never dies; it simply changes form. Our essence is our essence. There’s a lot more to this, but it’s time we take the enigma out of these kinds of connections, and accepting them more as the norm than NOT sensing what’s around us!

Are you ready to shift all of this into your common, everyday occurrence, and know it’s really not a big deal, but simply you coming into a more expanded way of connection with what’s actually all around you?

Or, have you been having related experiences that are scary and unpleasant, and you’re ready to be able to effectively manage and experience them differently?

The journey starts from within! Set up a free consult with me to see if we might be a good fit to join on the journey together to help you get there!


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