Almost all of the pictures incorporated into this Website are photos taken from my travels and experiences in various locales, including on my own, with soul tribe, and with various classes and immersion retreats I’ve held. They have each been consciously included to hold the vibration of each place, each experience… to give you a taste of the potential of our journey together!

My focus is functioning in wholeness. This includes not only the huge journey within… but also the journey of our interrelation of Divine Realization in the embodiment of these dimensions, here on Earth.

I experience all of what’s here as a part of me. I love to travel and experience different places, embarking in a variety of activities and connecting in every step of the way! I’m guided to go, to do, to feel this, to practice accepting and Remembering the incorporation and assimilation of the energies of the physicality of where we exist here, ultimately all a part of me (and you)! I’ve been guided all over, and the experience is always magical, beautiful, and expansive!

I do this on my own, and with others committed to a similar journey. When we go away together, whether for a walk, a hike, or an entire retreat, the immersion is always perfect for each individual present – including me!

In doing this, it supports the continuous expansion of my/our conscious perspectives, gets us out of the day-to-day surroundings in which we sometime lose ourselves to patterns, habits, and distractions. And I’m/we’re always – always – contributing in some way to helping shift hold a higher vibration on this physical planet!

Beyond just the text throughout this site, get into the habit of feeling into the photos included. Feel the vibration, the magic, the beauty and power of potential in each and every one… and then pack your bags, and let’s go!