2022: Ready for New Beginnings! Let’s Go!

Me looking out over the rough seas, Orcas Island retreat, Oct ’21

Time to take a BREATH – in case you’ve forgotten – because though a lot’s come down the pike in 2021, there is even more coming next…

...and I’m SO excited for it! 

We’re approaching the end of a phase of transformational shifting like never before… and I understand it’s only to further accelerate our rate of change. It’s been a year (or two) of breathless change for many of us, individually and collectively.

I, too, have had huge transformations in my life… so i get it! I had a LOT hit me this year, so many things that had been right in front of me that I had been blind to, until they seemed to pop me in the head… and I’d already believed I’d been continuously committed to being conscious and observant!

Besides the Ascended World podcast and programs, and holding a retreat on Orcas Island WA this fall, I’ve been sort of quiet to the public for the past year, while so much shifting has been going on. Things are coming together in such a new and different way, and guidance has pushed hard to keep me Present, no matter what’s going on… and no matter how hard my ego tried to get out of that Presence! All perfect and well timed, in preparation for what’s next.

More on that below; read on here to see what I’ve been shifting in this year, if you’re interested (it’s been a LOT)…

Let’s start with some basics to get us re-connected… and what I’m currently most excited about! In this post:

Seeing and Experiencing aNEW in 2022: What’s Changed (for Me, and Collectively)
NEW ONLINE New Year (and New Phase) Course: ONEder-Vision Board Creation (Tend to Yourself, Create Consciously and Differently!)
Seven Core Essences in Consciousness: How EVERYTHING Comes Down to This in Our Consciousness (It’s Not What You THINK It Is) – the ONEderland Program
Looking for Weekly Conversations and Considerations in Collective and Individual Consciousness? Catch My Podcasts 

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Seeing and Experiencing aNEW in 2022: What’s Changed (for Me, and Collectively)

Where 2020 forced us to slow down, go inside (literally AND figuratively), and instead of running, running, running… sit still and see what had been festering while shoved in the proverbial closet, 2021 was actually a LOUDER call to do so when we’d continued to ignore what had bubbled to the top. One of the biggest lessons we’ve been impressing upon ourselves is to stop the deep habit of the ego keeping us focused in the past and future… and instead remember there is ONLY the Present. Many things were surprising and uncomfortable to the ego this year; how we dealt with them had everything to do with how rocky or smooth everything went.

At the same time I was working with a number of others who seemed to have one explosion after another come up in their lives – from relationship issues, to job losses or changes, to health crises (or their own and/or loved ones), to identity crises – I had just as much come up myself, in my own unique way. One of the biggest revelations had to do with my physicality here and now. I was by no means unhappy; I was comfortable at the time in my BEing. Of course, “comfort” is truly a word of the ego, and then the ego simply fights to stay there.

One big thing that was interrelated with a LOT: Over the 11 years I’d been doing spiritual work professionally, I had brought to surface a lot of additional energetic baggage that I didn’t want, but apparently hadn’t wanted to let go of (or at some level, believed it was important to hold on to). This had manifested into accumulating weight on my physical self.

In March, I did a deep dive weekend with some close soul family; we did energy work ourselves and with each other, including hypnosis. There was no panic, no judgment… but I basically understood that it was time to let go of what I had accumulated as excess physical weight. In one of the hypnosis sessions, I saw myself shedding layers upon layers of so, so many different shields, identities, roles, burdens… and it didn’t even consciously register until afterward that all of that was representative of what I had been carrying forward with me.

It was as simple as that: Once I saw it, once I allowed myself to REALLY feel it, I acknowledged it was time to let it go,  and that it was a physical burden to my physicality here and now, as part of the illusion of the Earth dimensions.

Still then, I decided to get a scale – I hadn’t stepped on one for probably eight years – and was VERY surprised at what the scale told me. It was 40 pounds more than I would have ever bet I was! I didn’t judge myself; I simply marveled in the realization of how disconnected I had apparently become from my physicality. Yet, I hadn’t been “ungrounded” at all! I simply had decided at some level that my non-physical being took complete precedence over my physical one. Thus, that’s why I had been apparently tossing the energetic weight to the physical being and not carrying through in making sure those burdens were released.

So… a BUNCH of accumulated baggage was stopped up there!

In my apologizing, forgiving, accepting, embracing, loving, and having gratitude for my Self for doing this, for the lessons that were to be completed with it, I re-committed to seeing my Self through in shifting completing, and letting go of whatever didn’t match the vibration at which I desired to exist, mind, spirit, AND body! I shifted to allow myself to see it as simple, easily attainable, and sustainable, and pressed forward. No crazy diet restrictions; shifting my consciousness around all of it. And, every time I hit a plateau, a pause point… I recognized the “layer” that had presented itself for me to resolve, complete, and release to the whole again. Some frustration… but I will tell you that now I feel I’ve synched up the whole body, mind, spirit thing in ways I haven’t before. I am acutely aware of when I put something in my physical body – energetically and physically – and it is SUCH a great guidance on releasing some long-buried energies, memories, emotions, and experiences.

Today, I’m hovering at 50+ pounds down from where I started! I have about 20 to go to where I choose to be… and it will go, in the same manner. I know I paused to take a BREATH.

Along the road, other Remembrance has come to me. Some HUGE resolutions and rebuilding in my relationships, including massive shifts in the 29-year relationship with my husband, some very tumultuous and uncomfortable, but SO VERY PERFECT for both of us! Self-responsibility in my creations; acceptance of things turning out in ways I would have never been able to imagine, and ultimately gratitude for resolving some deep and challenging issues that we’ve both had (and previously burdened each other with) once and for all. We’re moving forward with a very different, much renewed relationship that feels so much more bright and vibrant!

In all of this shifting, resolving, and releasing, I’ve had the opportunity to also re-asses my familial relationships and experience them in more pleasurable ways than I have previously. All interconnected with all of this.

So, now, 2022 – in numerology, 222 is about “New Beginnings” = it’s time to emanate outward from a new, even more expanded way of embodying my passions, my heartlight in a way to help others do the same. How that is forming will continue to evolve; I simply commit to that every step of the way!

What GREAT timing, as we’re ending a year and an energetic phase, with a change to bring all of the residual to a close and to start anew! With that, I have a few incredible programs to offer you that can support you on the way, as well, regardless of where you are on your journey in consciousness. I will say this: EVERYONE has THEIR OWN TIMELINE; NO ONE IS BEHIND! Everything I offer is to simply honor where you are now and to support and help you boost yourself down an accelerated path!

All of what I offer is interconnected with Trinity Energy Progression and Ascended World; therefore, you’ll begin to see a lot more crossover discussion and melding!

See below for some awesome courses to check out… there is a LOT more to come in 2002, so stay tuned; I promise to be in touch A LOT more often!

Much love,




Angela Coulter
Consciousness Transformation and Ascended Guide
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression
Co-Founder, Ascended World



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ONLINE New Year (and New Phase) Master Course: ONEder-Vision Board Creation (Create Consciously and Differently!)
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  • Get UNSTUCK;
  • Resolve sticky habit cycles that tend to re-appear a month or two into the year every year;
  • Make PERMANENT changes, and CREATE the life you love in a NEW way, that STICKS;
  • Shift your conscious creation to be more efficient and more effective by easily seeing, resolving, and completing underlying issues that have prevented you from accomplishing your intended creations in the past!

Tired of doing VISION BOARDS that look and feel great… and only go partially fulfilled or abandoned midway through the year?

Sometimes you’ve just got to jump down a new rabbit hole!

As we slide into a new phase in January, we’re rolling into what’s represented by three 2’s (2022) – which is all about New Beginnings. So, how about trying it a NEW way… and taking 2022 to the “next level”?

Watch below to get the overview of the secret to a more powerful, more complete, more effective vision board for your year and phase ahead, which will fully support you in a more inclusive and efficient conscious creation, so you can rock your own world!

The course includes a 2022 ONEder-Vision Board template, a workbook, 9 videos to walk you through the entire process – differently – step by step, and a weekly live chat to allow for questions, discussions, and insights.

We hope you join us! I’m SO excited to do the exercise myself!!!

($222 when you sign up January 1st on – still a deal!)


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Seven Core Essences in Consciousness: How EVERYTHING Comes Down to This in Our Consciousness (It’s Not What You THINK It Is)

This year, together with my Ascended World partner Sarah Sieg Avignone, we were given guidance to put together a self-paced, online program that addresses the essences of what every challenge, limitation, and/or “problem” in one’s reality/life experience comes from energetically. It was seriously just PUSHED into our consciousness… after more than a decade of working consciously with myself, as well as with numerous clients, students, and others (and with Sarah doing so even longer), we could see it ALL boiled down so beautifully and clearly!

… and it wasn’t what we would have originally thought it was!

It took us down a rabbit hole, and thus, our entrance to Ascended World’s ONEderland was born. Likewise, we invited anyone ready, willing, and able to join us down that rabbit hole to resolution, completion, and flow, flow, flow!

The feedback we’ve received has been resounding: simple but life-changing, efficient yet reality-shifting, and easy to implement (if the ego allows)! It has what accommodated both of us through massive life shifts ourselves through the year! “It’s like going to the gym for your consciousness…”

If you’re ready to take the full plunge, you can take the whole 7-course program for a discounted price, OR you can choose the individual course that pulls you here and now. The beauty is, though they’re numbered, they’re not particularly in any order… so choose as you’re guided! Each in itself are volumes of resolution and completion; all include a workbook with 28 or 29 elements, and access to a daily recording with a different clearing daily focusing on that particular element. We also have a private Facebook group for those who join; stay tuned as we create an online community (off of Facebook) to help support “walking the tak” in 2022!

Here are the essences; feel into them, and click on the links below for more information:



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Looking for Weekly Conversations and Considerations in Collective and Individual Consciousness? Catch My Podcasts 

If you’re looking to have regular mindset and interaction around the collective stream of consciousness and practical applications of expanded consciousness into every day life, make sure to follow and listen to my two podcasts:

    • Ascended World, Perspectives to Shift in Higher Consciousness, co-hosted with Sarah Sieg Avignone. It’s posted every Monday (you can also watch/listen via our Ascended World Facebook page LIVE almost every Monday morning at 9:30am ET). You can subscribe via Podbean, and/or you can listen via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or a majority of podcast social media.


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New Phase: Exponentially Accelerated Openings, Remembrance, Mass Awakening Galore!

15826476_10209951262712688_5564952900572918781_n…all at the speed of thought!

What a beautiful, fresh new phase… and year… so excited we’ve chosen to be here together during this experience!!!

I have so, so, SO much to share… so much has shifted, and for the past several months, I’ve been working so much with those of the Trinity Energy Progression community and clients/students as well as continued and accelerated transformation of my own!
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Are You “Going With the Flow”… or Using a “Spiritual Scapegoat”?

flow2Through our spiritual Awakening process, we spend a lot of focus on getting to a place with “going with the flow.” Sometimes that’s one of the most challenging lessons for us… to consciously pry the fingers of the ego/mind off of the controls, and let the Higher Self/Universe allow for what’s highest and best to come into play. Today, this is often most prevalent when presented with a shift in one’s reality… which is happening, a LOT, in where we are collectively.

“Yes, yes, YES!” One might be quick to respond. “After so much focus on this… I’ve done it!”

And yet…

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A Reflection from the Morning After (Elections)

reflectionsI know this morning that a majority of my awakened and intelligent soul tribe will be/are upset by the results the US elections. I was initially somewhat surprised myself…and yet, I understand; before projecting on to something “out there” (whether or not you voted for the elects), here’s a higher perspective on all of this to consider:

There was no “easy choice” on the presidential front… my understanding was that the easiest choice we had at doing this next phase of collective evolution was electing Bernie, and we threw that out the window in June. At that point, I knew that regardless of our choice moving forward, none of it would be what the ego considers “easy.” It was clear that whomever would prevail would be the one to allow the “tower” of our false reality to crumble. HRC really sort of did that when the DNC forced her in to the candidacy, and blatantly showed the public the manipulation and entitlement that goes on behind the curtain. And yet… so many went into an immediate case of amnesia about the whole thing,

For our accelerated rate of evolution, it was clear that we’ve decided to rip off the Band-Aid… and via the president elect (and a majority of Congress elects), collectively look directly into that which we deny still exists within ourselves, into the heart of the darkness we’ve been pretending for so long isn’t there anymore, bring up what remains of our collective self-loathing into the light, face it, to (hopefully) resolve it, once and for all.

No more hiding from ourselves; we’ve turned the mirror around, and there’s nothing there but us.

One part of this – and it’s a really crucial part – is whatever’s left of a continued and skillfully hidden and repressed resentment and fear of the power of Divine Feminine… including in some women themselves, who, though embodying the power of creation, are still ok with allowing themselves to be punished, martyred, and/or minimized into subordination for doing so. This would have been cleanly masked with the election of HRC (even though it was truly Bernie who represents that energy, moreso than HRC). So how to bring the remainder up to the surface and out in the open? Elect someone who appears to be a misogynist along with others who basically love to focus on efforts at controlling women and their bodies, who love the idea of controlling the half of the population (and the part within themselves) that scares them.

We have a long broken system that does NOT address ALL OF US as equally Divine individuals who are part of a unified whole – whether we’re from the US or elsewhere, male, female, black, white, orange, purple, green, LGBT, short, tall, big, small, rich, poor, and everything in between – so what better way to smack ourselves in the face around that but elect someone who appears to be openly exclusionist and biased?

In spiritual development, we recognize that we’re triggered (as in triggering fear, anger, etc.) by someone who in some way reflects something we judge about ourselves back to us. If we hide it from ourselves, we won’t look at it. Therefore, what this election says is that we’re apparently ready to look at all of this straight on, too. That’s been apparent from the beginning of when Trump made it to the forefront as a candidate.

In spiritual terms, many use the term “dark night of the soul” when referring to the journey of self-realization. In many ways, that’s what it might seem we’ve chosen as our next steps. However, how “dark” it is really only depends on how much we judge and are resistant to seeing what exists of this within ourselves. It’s when we can see this part of ourselves with acceptance and from a place of love that we don’t need to have it shown to us anymore… and/or when it’s reflected back to us, we have no reaction but acceptance and love.

No one can take our power away from us but what we allow; no one can take our happiness and peace from us but what we allow. It’s our Divine Right. We choose every day, every moment, in our reality… whether we live it in love, unity, and peace… or in anything else.

As for me, I choose love, unity, peace… laughter and fun… and from that, power. Not just with others in my community, state, and country… but around the entirety of the Earth/Gaia organism and the Multiverse of which we’re a part.

I know that many of us who do all kinds of spiritual work have been accelerated in such remembrance to now stand as a lighthouse during what can potentially be quite a “dark” period of realization for many. This is the message I’ve received for years now of the importance of evolving to be able to remain being “the calm in the storm.” Now’s not the time to disappear… but to shine brighter than ever before!

Guidance has also been for years to remember how to be fully “in-dependent” – to be completely dependent on and trusting inner guidance, REGARDLESS of what the eyes see – because that’s the way to navigate and FLOW through it all! This is what I devote my time to living and teaching(/reminding)… and where we have come to is exactly why.

So, the anticipation of our path of choice is done with; now, let’s regain our centeredness, peace, and love… and proceed. Time to consciously choose where we are vibrationally in EVERY MOMENT, and BE THE CHANGE… regardless of what it looks like around you.


Some Lessons in This U.S. Presidential Election

PullingOutHairIn terms of the status of the U.S. Presidential Elections, my guidance has been – as challenging as it can often be – to stay beyond judgment, beyond ego… and to observe for the past several months, in terms of the political landscape here in the U.S.. I’ve been actively watching the posts, listening to discussions, participating to some degree… but even moreso, I’ve been LISTENING… beyond the individual, into the collective… and focusing from the higher perspective.

When I do that, the buzz of all of the chatter just falls away, and I have moments when I can see the bigger picture much more clearly.

The tidal wave of Bernie Sanders has been amazing! He’s taken the hearts of so many awakened, and awakened others to the remembrance that WE DESERVE TO BE SERVED, AND TO HAVE A GOVERNMENT THAT SERVES US; WE DESERVE TO HAVE THE BEST.

The U.S. was founded on the premise of equality, of the intrinsic right to happiness. So many seem to have forgotten that!

On the contrary, as far back as I remember, in my adult life, election after election has progressively become more and more an act of “which is the lesser evil”; on the occasion that’s not so on the presidential level, it’s definitely been so on the other representative levels in our government. This has chipped away at our resolution, and our unity. For many, religious belief system beliefs and government have mixed… although the need for separation of such was primarily another reason the United States was founded.

We’ve prided ourselves on unity; and yet we live in pretty much the opposite. One group or another? Military says we’re right and someone else is wrong; religious belief systems say one group is right and another is wrong; ignorance says one group is right and another is wrong.

What started out as an ideal of unity has become nothing but an inordinate number of levels of separation.

In the spiritual realm, so much of our shifting today is remembering our Divinity; stepping into our power; and remembering that we ARE ALL naturally amazing, infinite beings, worthy of the best of the best of the best!

When we look at the past several decades of Awakening, so much of what’s been going on is the energy supportive of breaking the habits of living in lack, depravity, and such separation, to remember the power of wholeness and unity/Oneness; that’s a large part of what this shifting has been about!

And so… in walks Bernie Sanders, the embodiment of such wholeness and unity, and strikes a cord in so many who weren’t even aware that’s what they’ve been waiting for (both on the positive and resistant fronts!). A movement for sure… to remembering we DO deserve the government to support US, to do for US… because that’s what we created it for!

It’s the first time I’ve been guided to REALLY back someone; not because they were the “least of all evils,” but someone who truly represents that I/we deserve to have the best, work together, and live in true equality!

As “the establishment” was surprised by this movement – or uprising – the bias by “the powers that be” toward HRC and the party itself was blatant. And yet… many took part; many more awakened to this. The wave became huge; and yet, those used to working behind the veil of secrecy to manipulate the plan just moved ahead, this time pretty wide out in the open, ignoring the tidal wave that was shifting the energy of the whole.

The tidal wave maintained, WE DESERVE BETTER. WE DESERVE THE BEST.

For moments, there were so many conscious and looking right at the Emperor without his clothes on… KNOWING it, and SPEAKING of it!

Those behind the curtains had to shift, and quickly, to maintain status quo.

While so much attention lay there… there became another uprising of a wild card in Donald Trump. In the energy of “something different,” similar to Bernie Sanders… but in almost everything else standing for the blatant opposite of Bernie Sanders.

We became bipolar.

With some gross manipulation, the powers that be managed to get HRC the nomination of Presidential candidate… and they stole so, so many words from Bernie Sanders in the effort to persuade the minds and hearts of those who have had the taste of such richness to “come over to their team.”

What’s surprising is that many, many are falling right in line; falling into the habit we’ve been so comfortable living with for so many years – fear- (ego-) based threats (“You HAVE to vote for this candidate, because if you don’t, look at how DANGEROUS the other candidate is!”), and prejudicial propaganda (“Oh, how monumental; a WOMAN up for the actual PRESIDENCY!”). And there we went… so much progress from the energy of being DESERVING of being served by our government (“by the people, for the people”)… straight on back into the mentality of fear and lack (“It might be bad, but not as bad as ______”). This actually goes both ways, within parties, and between them.

It’s like suddenly, we’ve forgotten what this year has been about… and the progress we’ve made.

In a conversation I had with a respected peer the other day (another previous Bernie supporter), I was asked if I’d seen the rendition of “Fight Song” that the DNC has put out as their theme for the election. I said yes; except that there’s no candidate that actually represents its meaning as their candidate. I was asked if I’d heard the wonderful, heart-based words about unity and equality that the DNC has been using, to parrot Bernie Sanders… I responded yes, except they’re empty words and have yet to show anything of the sort with their current representation. I’ve heard so much parroting about how amazing it is that there’s a woman up for president… and yet, if we truly believe in equality, then the meat jacket just doesn’t matter – whether it’s a man, woman, or a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater is completely irrelevant – in comparison to how well the individual fits the bill. What’s so fascinating is how many have almost immediately forgotten how much this woman has in the past bent to represent the elite in ways that are obviously not in the highest and best interest of 99% of the constistuents. So, then… it’s ok to tout one kind of equality to douse the power of another?

When I step out of my ego’s bias, I have asked my guidance again and again in the past several days, going through ALL prospective ballot candidates, considering every single one… and I get a clear “NO” when asking if it’s for our collective highest and best, most progressive and productive interest to vote for/elect that individual.

So, what does that mean?

This morning, I read an article by Rolling Stone magazine that was an awesome interview with Jane Sanders (Bernie Sanders’ wife). The title was, “Jane Sanders: Why Bernie Voters Shouldn’t Get Over It” (follow this link for the full article). In the article was the best, most succinct way I’ve seen it stated:

They shouldn’t just get over it! What do you expect? How do you turn on a dime? We understand that. We understand that we earned their support and their trust. Now Hillary Clinton has to earn their support and their trust. And we will hold [the Clinton campaign] accountable because we are endorsing her.

FINALLY… HERE’S the point!!!

The reason I fell so in love with Bernie Sanders is that he’s had DECADES in politics of standing for equality, fairness, and unity. DECADES. He’s ALREADY proven himself as by the people, for the people… ALL of them, together.

If we want to stick with the two major candidates right now, Hillary Clinton started out one way… and over the years and up until recently has more and more aligned with the “dark side”… separation, exclusion, and decisions that are NOT made in the interests that are highest and best for a majority of the constituents. Donald Trump… well, he’s had NO experience in working in national politics, only experience with himself, his business, and his own limiting interests.

darkside_fullpicI understand that supposedly, Bernie Sanders made the concession in agreement that Hillary Clinton would take up some the more progressive stances within Bernie’s campaign. However, what’s important for EVERYONE to remember is that all that’s been done to date is lip service and a great, big marketing campaign to persuade everyone over via those cookies.

It might seem like a short three months… but here’s the message: PROVE IT TO US.

  • Donald Trump, stop spewing out statements that mean nothing, that have nothing to stand behind them but separation and exclusion and that are self-serving… and remember that equality and unity were truly what made the United States great! Show us how your background as a businessperson helps in the situation we’re in… and HOW you will focus on changing it.
  • Hillary, convince us! Find a way to SHOW US that you’re WORTHY of representing us in a state of unity, worthiness, and equality! Your track record hasn’t always shown that (especially the more recent times), and it’s become more and more obvious that you play in the sandbox to abide by the will of existing 1% establishment and profitable corporate interests in sacrifice to the constituents, so… it’s going to be necessary to show us by doing something, for the rest us, NOW. No promises; but actions!
  • There ARE “other party” candidates who are promising; yet though they speak a great game, they do lack the actual how-to to pull it off within the walls of our government as it stands. It’s not enough to have gotten “the most votes for a Green Party candidate” or “the most votes for a Libertarian candidate”… what has been done, how do you see the possibility of it getting done? Though many poo-pooed Bernie Sanders’ plans, many never took the time to research and realize that he actually had a literal plan for every proposal he had out there… on how to realistically attain them. For ALL candidates… what’s YOUR plan? How do you plan to work with the structure of our government to achieve your platforms?

And, for the constituents, here’s what’s for us to do:

  • STOP going back to making default decisions based on the propaganda of fear (which is completely ego-based) and a good marketing campaign or “campaign song”; stand in our Truth, from a place of worthiness, and remember that we deserve the best, and we deserve a president who truly represents the people, in equality, unity, and worthiness… not having someone represent us – and throwing us a bone every once in awhile – who we abide by because we “feel safer” with than “the other candidate.”
  • Hold the intention in your meditation, energy healing, whatever you do – to help provide support of higher consciousness that will allow the candidates to be guided to act in support of unity, equality, and support of the whole as their intentions and actions, and to have clear guidance, transcendent of ego, as to who will truly be the highest and best, most progressive and productive candidate to vote for… not from others, but from you…and LISTEN to what you get!
  • Require ALL of the candidates to PROVE IT… to TAKE ACTION between now and November… not words and slanderous commercials, but ACTION. And KEEP WATCH of them doing it!
  • Do the same of ALL of those positions up for election in local AND at the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate! For these positions, it is so commong for many to just do an eenie, meenie, mynie, mo at election time… and go with a name they’ve vaguely heard of. Let’s do our homework… and ensure that ALL who represent us at the government level do so in a way that supports the energy of worthiness, equality, and unity… and who is willing to work with all other representatives of other parties to achieve that common goal!

togetherWhen we look at things from the larger perspective, EVERYTHING is possible. As quickly as we’ve been shifting, three months can be a HUGE amount of time today. So, I’m leaving it open… and following guidance. In my perception, today we’re at Ground Zero; I recognize that all candidates are in some way a facet of me and you (or they wouldn’t exist in our reality), are all representative of the Divine (as we ALL are), and all are equally possible. Currently, I’m awaiting the message of who is highest and best to help us collectively, who gets themselves together… and who TAKES ACTION, NOW. NOT in slanderous commercial and propaganda.

What if we all did that… REALLY paid attention… and LISTENED in this way?

You might ask me, “So, what if, in November, your guidance STILL maintains there’s no one who fits the bill of being for our collective highest and best, most progressive and productive in the whole interest for whom to vote? What will you do then?”

I trust… and a lot can (and most likely will) happen between now and then… so I’ll let you know.  😉