“I feel like my soul  has just been split in half!”

In 2010, I went to a hypnotherapist* to have a past life regression, which took me back to the ancient land of Lemuria… from my current understanding, our “initiation” into this existence, and our fast drop in density. How I got to the point that I felt like I needed that regression is a story for another day… but what still rings in my memory is “that me” yelling this bizarre statement at the hypnotherapist – not even understanding what I was saying – while recalling a huge, cataclysmic explosion at the end of that lifetime. And then I cried and cried, still there, feeling like I wasn’t… right.

At the point I had gone to that regression, I knew the term twin flames/twin souls, but never knew any theory on the origin of them. It wasn’t until months later that I realized this was the point – the fall of Lemuria – when twin souls – often called twin flames – were supposedly created.

This topic has come up more and more… and I see these terms being used more and more. I’ve gotten quite extensive guidance on the topic from my Guides on it, as well, for specific purposes… so again, this is all how it is from my understanding/perspective.

Also, just an FYI: Moving forward in this post, I’m simply going to use the term twin souls… I’ve never taken much to the term “twin flames,” because it almost feels tacky, like I should hear some cheesy porno movie music playing in the background LOL!

If you pay attention, you’ll realize there are quite a few myths and stories about twin souls. They’re entrenched in our literature, movies… in fact, to my surprise, a few days ago I watched a movie that I had originally seen years ago, The Butcher’s Wife (before my awareness so drastically changed), and in that movie, they told a story about “splitaparts” that sounded very, very familiar. One of the characters told it as a fable told to her by her grandmother; another said it actually came from Plato.  After the movie, I was intrigued… Plato? Really? It really didn’t take much at the Google prompt to find more information, either. And, yep… Plato did actually have a version of this story!

So, regardless of which theory you might come across, the main idea is the same: Those of us part of the “planning committee” for this Earth existence agreed to the experience of forcibly splitting our souls in half – after we initiated the existence. The goal, from my understanding, is literally to divide and conquer; to go about, complete a set of desired experiences throughout the existence, each twin becoming whole and fulfilled in themselves, but still carrying the energy of the other at the core; and then, at the time of readiness for ascension, the twins find each other again, reunite, and eventually recombine as a part of their ascension.

So, what does this mean?

Going back to our discussion on soul mates… we chose our soul family from the beginning; we have like vibrations, attract to each other, and most likely have many lives together. Can we have intense, undying love for them? Absolutely (but remember, they can cause quite the opposite reaction, too)! In fact, as a friend of mine so often says… during this path to ascension, the true goal is to come back to pure love, meaning that we should let go of the egoic creation that we’re only allowed to love one person, and embrace the idea that we should be absolutely crazy in love with everyone around us, every day… because what is around us is a reflection of ourselves, and we should be competely crazy in love with ourselves. So beautifully said!

Back to twin souls: Though soul mates have vibrations that are very close, very resonant… twin souls have the exact same core energetic vibration…similar to identical twins, they can have very separate lives, very separate experiences, yet they will still have the “same language” and understand each other down to the very core. Often, twin souls typically won’t come together incarnate before their spiritual journey for this existence is almost complete, because the resonance is far deeper than any soul mate relationship, and can be very, very uncomfortable if both aren’t ready… and the relationship in itself can be far too distracting if there are still 3D Earth lessons to be learned. When in close enough proximity for a period of time, twin souls want to come back together in a very strong, magnetic way that is intensified even further in the 3D Earth density. Therefore, before incarnate readiness, if the twins have met up earlier in their lives, often they will find a way to push each other away, and/or some circumstances will prevail that dictate a significant physical distance, so they can be pretty far apart from each other – sometimes even on opposite sides of the world – until the “other” lessons are complete.

It’s my understanding that due this magnificent period of time just at the beginning stages here on Earth, for the first time, there are many twin souls incarnate here together. Yet, with so much romanticism out there regarding the term, what many have lost sight of is the fact that our higher selves are still scurrying around, hurriedly completing our list of desired experiences before that reunion takes place here. And, many of our Higher Selves have the final stages of completion planned together with our twin soul… but there’s still much to do beforehand!

Intense and positive soul mate relationships are often misunderstood to be twin flames/twin souls.

Etherically, there’s actually quite the difference: Our soul family has typically been with us for many lifetimes. As for the twin soul, we most likely haven’t had many lives incarnate on 3D Earth together… though I understand that often, twins come together for some of the most short-term but ENORMOUS lessons during a small number of lives before they’re actually ready to recombine. Otherwise, either they are incarnate in very separate, very far apart lives, or one becomes incarnate and the other one stays on a different plane for the time being.

Some argue that twin souls would be mirrors of the other in terms of personality and experience; others say they would be complete ying/yang. However, if we’ve completed all desired lessons, wouldn’t it make the most sense that both will be completely balanced and fulfilled within themselves? Then, the basis of the attraction to the other is simply the identical vibration calling out to the other, in perfect resonance… like coming home.


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