Heeding My Own Words on My Journey…Listen, Listen, Listen!

It's amazing how the more advanced we are on the spiritual journey, the more "anything left" is brought up for some BIG lessons from the Higher Consciousness. How loud those lessons are is completely up to us... my personal experience on surrendering to this, something at the core of me.

Words, the Arts, and Our Advancement of Consciousness

Are you minimizing the role of the Arts - painting, drawing, music, dance, words, etc. - in their importance on our individual and collective journey of consciousness, back to Remembrance? Stop thinking it, and start FEELING it... and you'll know otherwise!

In the Dark, In the Light… Pluto’s Cave and Guidance!

Come into the dark with me on my adventure into Pluto's Cave, a VERY OLD lava tunnel near Mt. Shasta. Lemuria, crystal pyramids, seeds, and an amazing experience... read on!

What About These Earthquakes and Volcanoes?

I find this article really interesting; I've been watching this for the past 5 years, and so fascinating how things are playing out. Love it with the guidance/vision/remembrance becomes clear! So what about these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? Read on...

Transforming Death in Our Experience

During this time of awakening, it's important for us to reconsider our feelings about "death." Seeing things from a more expanded perspective allows the process flow more freely for all involved.