Sounds like a ball game, doesn’t it?

As we’re changing in vibration – coming around to our spiritual evolution and enlightenment – we’re completing a vast cycle of experience in this existence that we wanted to accomplish. We’re lifting the veils that we’ve allowed to provide us with the illusion of separation, on many, many levels. My understanding is that many will disappear, and a few will remain – by choice – but will be thin and translucent in many respects for the “next” version of Earth – which I affectionately call “Earth 2.0.”

In helping others with these efforts, the question often comes up about soul mates, and, occasionally (but surprisingly far less often), twin flames or twin souls. I explain it from my perspective, as I’ve been shown to understand what each is… and the topic is coming up more and more lately. So, here’s a little play by play, purely from my understanding… though I’m going to warn you that this might be a little more “far out” than I typically commit to writing! So, buckle in… put your helmets on… and enjoy the ride into the rabbit hole!

Soul Mates – Really Our Soul Family
This comes from the perspective of us being all One. We’re ALL the Divine. Every single Being in this Universe, every dimension, every level of consciousness, every particle, every bit of anti-matter, every object… everything.  Think of the Universe in terms of our human bodies – several trillion cells, all with individual consciousness of sorts making up the entire shebang. So, say we decided to pretend to break off into a subset of the Divine – the One – as different consciousness and plan this Universe and then this 3D Earth existence, including the laws and the desired experience. And then we said, “Hey… let’s break into the perception of even smaller parts – individual souls (like our body’s individual cells) – so we can really, really do all of these things, and EXPERIENCE.” So we do that… and in some way, decide to pretend to group together… by something like subsets (or, like our bodily organs). This “group”  decides on its own vibration, and wants to have this set of experiences this way… and each group does the same, and has their own vibration, their own energy that they somehow differentiate from the whole.

Voila the soul family!

So, then each soul family says, “OK, we’re signing up for THESE experiences, in this way…” And the experiential highlights of the entire existence are decided. We stay close; we agree to go through key experience after experience together, in some way, shape, or form, until all of the desired experiences are complete and we come to the apex of this existence and to the doorway of the next one. So, life after life, this soul family stays together. On Earth, it translates into those in our lives… our family, our friends, our lovers, our spouses, our neighbors, and our enemies – yes, even the ones who cause us the most pain – because those are yet more experiences and lessons. Each iterates into different forms – different people, different relationships – depending on the desired set of experiences. So, for some lives, the same two souls might be siblings, lovers, spouses, friends, parent and child… and though they might prefer one relationship over the other because of the desired experiences, there is no rule that says the relationship stays the same, life after life.

The soul family are our soul mates… every single one of them.

So, that terrible relationship you had, where your significant other was sleeping around? A parent who was abusive? The bully who picked on you incessantly through elementary school? Yep, they’re soul mates, too. They love us so much at the higher consciousness level to play out an experience that we choose to have – even though it’s via exploring a dark place within ourselves – so we can become the person we later work through it to become. Because it’s a dark place within themselves that they choose to create and explore, as well.

For example, my husband is a very close soul mate of mine – in fact, one of the core soul mates in my soul family. I’ve been shown that we’ve chosen to have many of the most intense experiences together – some that one would view as the most positive and most negative – throughout this existence, many lives. He’s been my husband, my wife, my lover, my cousin, an adversary, a child… and guess what? I love to share with others (and laugh about it, too) that we’ve killed each other. Multiple times – sometimes “by accident” and sometimes in cold blood. We’ve loved each other; we’ve loathed each other; we’ve been best friends; we’ve been worst enemies. In fact, I was shown that we were here together in our original experience – way back in Lemuria/Mu! I love him immensely, and we are very, very connected in many ways. However, we’re not twin flames/twin souls… even though it was in Lemuria/Mu when we were here together through the experience of having our soul split (which I’ll get to in the Twin Flame/Twin Soul section, in Part 2).

Since actively going through my Grand Awakening process over the past few years, I’ve explored a number of these lives; I was told at the onset in terms of my husband that this is our final iteration together; it’s important for me to remember some of them, to assimilate the main lessons from those experiences, and assimilate the person I chose to be through each of those experiences into my conscious form today. We chose to be here together at the (relative) beginning… and through a good portion of the (relative) final iteration, while we’re preparing for our next existence in “Earth 2.0.”

It’s sort of like exam time… we’re at the end of high school, taking our college entrance exams… and the goal for each of us is to assimilate the sum of our individual experiences to get to the same place, the same level of understanding. Can we really fail “the exam”? No; we can just spend a little more time assimilating our experiences… but we all get there. The beauty is the individual path that every one of us has.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s my understanding that when we get through those exams, those of us who have twin flames/twin souls will be ready to rejoin and ultimately recombine… as a doorway into the next existence. (And, you may ask, who wouldn’t have a twin? Most typically, those who have chosen a majority of their existence at a Star neighbor in another galaxy/dimension/Universe… but who decided to come to Earth for a number of iterations for some purpose they chose. Also, other souls that came into being AFTER the split; there are a number of those. Does it make any soul more important than another in the scheme of things? Absolutely not; just a different path and set of experiences, that’s all.)

So, when I see things from this perspective, and a client/potential client/friend/relative talks to me about “finding their soul mate,” I typically tell them first they already know a number of their soul mates (in fact, I very well could be one of them, in some way, shape, or form), and second – the most important part – the goal here is to remember that we are unconditionally loved, always… and that at the apex of our development, we are to realize that all love, all existence, comes from within – not without. So, in pining for a “soul mate” from the highly romanticized viewpoint that society tends to give it today, we’re realizing that there are still parts of us, parts of love, that we have yet to find within ourselves. If that’s the case – which it typically is – whatever the experience we’ve chosen to have to help us reignite that self love, such pining could potentially attract a relationship based on a very negative foundation, just as easily as one based in a positive one… whatever experience it will take to help us eventually get to that self love that allows us to be free of the need to have someone else fill that part of us.

It’s when we’ve finally grown past that feeling of someone else outside of ourselves having to make us feel whole – when we’re fully self realized, self accepting, and complete in our experience to rediscover that Universal love is unconditional and always within us – that those of us who have twin flames/twin souls are ready to reunite/recombine with them.

But that leads me off into Part 2… 🙂


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