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Are You “Going With the Flow”… or Using a “Spiritual Scapegoat”?

Are you "going with the flow"... or are you skillfully using blocks and redirection as a "spiritual scapegoat"? Some considerations and suggestions on how to see that within and remedy ourselves.

Some Lessons in This U.S. Presidential Election

Beyond the Misnomer of “Being Happy vs. Being Right”

Do you believe "Being Happy vs. Being Right" is the best way to go for peace in a relationship? Here's a slightly different perspective to consider in a way that goes beyond this belief, to ultimately allow everyone to live in their truth AND be happy!

Flowing Through to Your Spiritual Freedom

We entered 2016 well into a new phase of consciousness; time to game up energetically... to do that, we must flow through that which is our most ego-hidden limitations, to look in the mirror, and remember to LOVE to liberate ourselves to live the MAGIC!

On Shopping on Thanksgiving and PresenCE

Are you staying authentic and aware of your actions, and the true impact you have on your world and the world around you? A GREAT lesson and experience at the onset of the end-of-year holidays to remind us all to be present to all of this... and how we can do it differently!