flow2Through our spiritual Awakening process, we spend a lot of focus on getting to a place with “going with the flow.” Sometimes that’s one of the most challenging lessons for us… to consciously pry the fingers of the ego/mind off of the controls, and let the Higher Self/Universe allow for what’s highest and best to come into play. Today, this is often most prevalent when presented with a shift in one’s reality… which is happening, a LOT, in where we are collectively.

“Yes, yes, YES!” One might be quick to respond. “After so much focus on this… I’ve done it!”

And yet…

I kept on looking around me and seeing others who had progressed and changed so beautifully for quite a clip, and then suddenly, it seemed they had started going in circles, regressing, or just treading water. The stop in momentum often came when a) reaching the foot of the mountain facing “one more big change,” and/or b) right after they went over the mountain of one (or a handful of) big changes… even with other changes on the horizon.

In discussion with others I know who’ve reached one of these points, most often, there are justifications via the “new, improved spiritual vocabulary.” After I heard them about a dozen times (and probably used them on some things myself) – and I felt a vague reaction of uneasiness in hearing or saying them – I started seeing the red flag… and looked inside to ask, “Is this actually the case?” In most cases, I heard a very clear no, which then directed me to look further into it.

I’d been looking for what to call this; I’ve been noticing it come up more and more. Then, on a Facebook group I frequent, the administrator, Emma Combes, used the term “spiritual scapegoating.” 

That was it! The perfect term! That’s why hearing the statements felt like an egoic rationalization!

How clever!

How to Identify Whether You’re “Flowing” or “Spiritual Scapegoating”
The following are the most common statements that CAN be authentic… and yet, be aware that they can very often be spiritual scapegoating.

  • “Oh, it’s ok. With all of the other stuff that’s already changed, I’m glad to have the breather…”
  • “I’m just ACCEPTING that if the momentum has stopp[ed, I’m SUPPOSED to stop here for whatever reason…”
  • “Since it seems I’m continuously being prevented from ___________, I’m just going with the flow and figuring I’m not supposed to take that route. It’s all perfect, right?”
  • “Wow, I’d really like to do that… but I just don’t have the money right now. I guess it’s not in the cards.” 

So, what to do?

  • First, be observant to these words. Be honest with yourself: Are you using them repeatedly as a rationalization for not getting something done or for not being successful in some efforts of creation you’re putting forth?
  • Second, make sure the guidance to which you’re listening is from the Higher Self, vs. the ego. If you’ve come this far, then you’ve most likely had some kind of training on how to discern between the ego and the Higher Self. Here’s an easy guide: Does the inner voice come with emotion, like fear, anxiety, regret, resentment, guilt, doubt, obligation, sorrow, pain, judgment, shame, or expectation? That would be the ego. The voice of higher consciousness is calm, clear, and decisive, free of emotion, but with support. Also, there are simple exercises you can do to ensure the answers you’re getting are from higher consciousness.
  • Third, go within. Here are some conscious suggestions to consider if you hear yourself thinking or saying such statements:

    • “Oh, it’s ok. With all of the other stuff that’s already changed, I’m glad to have the breather…” Yep, breathers are great… except at this point in our evolution, with things speeding up so exponentially, we know we’re just gathering up momentum, vs. slowing down; stopping for too long of a clip actually causes us to regress pretty quickly these days! So, of course allow yourself to take some breaths, ask guidance if there’s anything blocking the way to resolve/shift and allow forward momentum, and then proceed proactively… before the movement forward is a more “forced” experience (like an injury, accident, or something similar)!
    • “I’m just ACCEPTING that if the momentum has stopped, I’m SUPPOSED to stop here for whatever reason…” Understood, except… if you were putting energy toward some end, and you were going at a good rate of change and then just stopped, did you ask your guidance why you stopped? Did you ask your guidance if it’s highest and best to proceed down this path, and/or if there’s another path to pursue? How about if there’s something blocking you from proceeding further down that path that’s for you to change to allow it to flow again? Or, is there something right in front of you to look at that you haven’t yet seen?
    • “Since it seems I’m continuously being prevented from ___________, I’m just going with the flow and figuring I’m not supposed to take that route. It’s all perfect, right?” Yes, it IS all perfect… and sometimes, the perfection is that it’s all perfectly set up to help you to look at something that you’re avoiding for some underlying issue! See the bullet above. Also, it’s important to ask guidance why the continuous redirection. Questions to ask: Is it highest and best for me to be doing something different? If so, what IS highest and best for me to be doing? Is my desired end result highest and best for me and my journey at this point? If not, set yourself to have conscious clarity and understanding of what that would be, so you can align your energy to allow it all to flow.Hint: If something isn’t flowing for you on a regular basis, then these questions are pertinent!
    • “Wow, I’d really like to do that… but I just don’t have the money right now. I guess it’s just not in the cards.” Money, money, money! We LOVE to use money (or lack of) as an excuse to limit ourselves! In spiritual remembrance, it’s one of the first things to remember: Money is just a thing, and only holds whatever energy we give to it. If we give it an inordinate amount of value that we don’t give ourselves, it will always “be more valuable” than us… and we’ll always be reaching for and in lack of it. When we realize we are Divine and complete and infinitely powerful and fully valuable already as we are, right now, then money and resources just flow to us effortlessly… because if we hold the energy of this from the inside, everything from the outside (as our creation) will be drawn to us to try and match the vibration… infinite abundance! Then, we have no excuses tied to money (and by the way, we LOVE to use lack of money as an excuse!). I’ve had some come to me to take classes or want some session work, and use the money excuse to prevent themselves from acting on it. As a “freebie,” I’ll talk about this… and in the conversation, I’ll say, “Ok, so if you really feel like you’re ready, willing, and able to step into your power, and you feel resonant with this (and/or if you’ve asked if it’s highest and best right now and get yes), then own it! Commit energetically! Say, ‘I’m doing this!’ And put some tangible energy into it… even if it’s a small deposit. Then put it out there to the Universe to bring you the resources, in full and on time, to be able to pay for it. And then, let it go and proceed as if it’s already done!”I can’t tell you the numerous miraculous situations that have come together in putting it out to the Universe in this way! How fun!

Have I done any of this myself? Of course! Whenever we have an energetic theme of repetition around us, there’s something reflecting back to look at within ourselves! The key is to remember that there’s nothing to judge ourselves about in any of this, just to observe, and change if it doesn’t serve us. It’s all a part of this amazing game we’ve created, and the most fun part is that we’re remembering and reminding each of all of this; we can change our reality as we go! My understanding is that where we are on collective and individual Awakening is that being 80, 85, 90, 95, or even 98.9% of stepping into our Divine Self and being fully who we came here to be isn’t enough anymore, and we know it (which is why we’re now continuously pushing ourselves off of the cliff); it’s time for us to be the full 100%, and shine… ALL of us!

If you need assistance in improving the connection with your higher consciousness and getting clearer on guidance – whether you’re just starting or you’ve been on the “active spiritual path” for decades – contact me, and we can discuss session/mentor work, and/or a variety of powerful classes and packages to help support this!



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