Do you feel “stuck” or limited in your life… from either in any kind of relationship, a situation, a project, a job, a place… or any combination of these? Do you feel like you’re ready to “move forward” in your life, but you just… can’t… seem… to… get… away…from… it???

In working with others, this comes up, again and again – particularly during a first session. I can often literally FEEL the tethers holding them down/back.

One of the first things I’m typically guided to do in these situations is an energetic cord-cutting. This is REALLY important; it frees the person of such tethers and/or changes the energy between the person and the others with whom they do still want/need to stay connected to!

What are “Energetic Cords,” and What is an “Energetic Cord Cutting”?
When we have relationships with anyone or anything where we share some kind of regular energy – people (such as friends, relatives, lovers/spouses, enemies, or even groups), animals (such as pets), places, even projects, situations, jobs, etc. – we become connected to them via energetic cords. There’s nothing wrong with that – since we’re all One, anyway, plus it’s just part of us energetically connecting to each other! However, sometimes one “end” takes more energy from the other “end” than is comfortable; sometimes it’s so extreme that this completely drains one of the parties in a painful or uncomfortable way… this is what the term “energy vampire” means. Sometimes the cord will even seep negative energy from one “end” to another.

Often, when a relationship is over or severed, the energetic cord between the involved parties still remain; this will cause a number of stressful and limiting situations for one or both who are involved. Also, sometimes the nature of one party changes while the other stays the same in a relationship, which will cause a drain, as well. And, if we don’t know how to handle energetic cords to release this strain, then it will drain us and hold us down/back, because we can’t get past them.
Intentionally cutting these cords – ALL of them – is like cleaning house – in doing so, we remove those which are no longer needed, and we also clean up those which still serve us in the Highest/Best way. Sometimes, we might think we need to completely sever/cut an energetic cord… BUT (and of course, the Higher Self already knows this), MANY times, the cord just needs “a cleaning”… a change in energy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this for clients… and they see/feel IMMEDIATE results, removing some people in their life that were holding them back… and simultaneously renewing and refreshing relationships that they might’ve THOUGHT they were done with! It’s SUCH amazing stuff… I’ve even had clients who were convinced a certain relationship was over; we would do a cord cutting in a session, and when they came back for their next session – literally sometimes in a week or two – the relationship had shifted dramatically for the better!
So, how do you do this, you might ask? There are many, many ways/practices!
What has been VERY powerful and effective for me and my clients: I typically bring in Archangel Michael (you don’t have to… but he just does such a good job of it! 😉 ) to cut ALL energetic cords. Yes, I said ALL of them; any connections that are to continue will automatically reattach! I have Archangel Michael hold the cords back while we put in place a filter of the violet and platinum flames/rays*** through their etheric bodies, absolutely and permanently, and set it so that ALL cords that attach-reattach moving forward have to do so through this filter of the violet/platinum flames/rays, transmuting all imbalanced or negative energy before attaching to the person. This only allows the energetic cord to be attached in the highest, best, most positive way for the person, with the cleanest energy! Plus, we also “set” it so that this positive energy is sent back out through the cord and also to the person/Being/consciousness sending the cord.
If you’d like to receive a download and set yourself up this way, just follow this link to my Clearings and Downloads page.
It’s been AMAZING how this has drastically changed relationships (and helped unwanted ones go away) almost immediately! So, whatever your preference of practice, try it out… or, if you have any questions, just post them here, or send me an email!
***The Violet Flame basically is the mystical transmutative fire that consumes and wipes out all negative and old things, turning them into brand new and positive things, rejuvenating in this way all existing kinds of Life. The Platinum Flame is similar to the Violet flame, but additionally utilizes our new energies and focuses on emotional healing and clearing.

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Farida · August 18, 2012 at 7:22 pm

Thank you, this is very helpful. How do I see cords or develop the ability to cut etheric cords in other where I can actually see the energy imbalances in the aura/chakras? Thank you, 🙂

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