Stuck? Sick? Hurt? Can’t Figure it Out? A Perspective to Consider to Move Forward

It’s a new age… a new year… so exciting to know of such change and magnificence that lies ahead of us! However, first things first: SO MUCH is coming up to release, many – even for those who have already done a LOT of resolving, healing, and releasing – are having unexplained injury, illness, and disorder resistant to healing take them completely by surprise. Where to start looking in the non-physical to be able to move forward…

Reminiscent of Close Encounters… (NM Road Trip Revelations I)

If you’re reading this, and have felt uncomfortable with remembrance of your natural abilities, of your Divinity, and your calling during this awesome time in the history of our world, then here’s my message to you: You’re not alone; far from it!In fact, you’re in great company…there are many of us, in rapidly increasing numbers, stepping out, remembering who we are, accepting a “new” reality, a “new” way of doing things, around the world. I promise! I’ve seen it; I see it happening, all around us.