Remembering to Remember

When you look at superheroes, fantasy stories, or anything of the like, they’re really not so far out of reality when you remember that we have the full empowerment of Divinity within ourselves. The point is, we simply need to remember to remember!

Introducing “A Cuppa C”…

NEW… 10-minute videos that will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday! The idea is to cover a wide variety of spiritual and metaphysical tidbits to help you in whatever way I can! “A Cuppa C” came to me while working out on the elliptical one day… it’s a keep-it-brief snipit that you can watch while drinking a cuppa coffee, tea, or whatever your preference… and the “C” actually stands for Creator – or Mother/Father God, Spirit, Source, or whatever your preference of name for the Universal Being of All That Is.