Our Journey Together

Our Journey Together

Are you looking for a quick fix?

Are you looking for someone to give you the answer you’re seeking?

Are you looking for someone to “heal you,” appease your pain, your challenges, your limitations without lifting a finger to do anything of the like for yourself?

Are you looking for someone who includes a lot of pomp and ritual in their practice, spells, incantations, “the tool of the month,” and all kinds of decorative drama (the dog and pony show) attached to the infinitely powerful ability to shift anything instantaneously?

Then keep going on your search; that’s not me.

When we journey together, I DO help you access and shift things that are in your way – and we CAN shift them instantaneously; however, it’s only until you can Remember how to access those innate abilities yourself (which I remind you how to do). It IS a journey… and it IS incredible as you blossom into the Remembrance of Ascended Consciousness that you already are, to step into all you have the potential to Realize.. you just need a little reminding!

I always start with this, as it is my understanding and practice: You are the eternal, infinite Divine embodied as you; thus, you are responsible for and are the creator of your entire experience.

It is an extremely uncomfortable understanding for many to fully accept. Instead, the mass preference has traditionally been putting energy and effort into putting a perceived individual outside of the Self – deemed a guru or expert – on a pedestal, with the desire to get the “magic pill” from said guru/expert that will “save them.” (This includes doctors, psychics, healers, and the whole array of coaches and other practitioners). However, regardless of what the “guru” says, looking to them for the answers without any internal navigation provides more excuses to the individual to perpetuate separation and external dependence, as if what something someone else says, does, or provides can provide anything that is outside of any individual, and feeds the perception that someone is “better,” “smarter,” “more enlightened,” or “special.” 


I am 100% committed to YOU accessing all of that, and the Universe – aka quantum physics, God, Source, Creator, All That Is, the Universe/Multiverse, and a multitude of other terms –  FROM WITHIN YOU. Because you can… you’ve just forgotten how!

One might get here, to me, looking for the “magic pill” for their situation… and that’s ok, as long as you’re truly ready to let the situation go, whether it’s an illness, injury, emotional/mental/spiritual, or environmental (such as job/career, relationships, or life situations), AND as long as you realize that to truly let it go is to take responsibility for whatever it is (no victims here), and turn the mirror fully on your Self, free of judgment, to shift it.

That IS your “magic pill”!

So, we embark on a journey together where I help you

  • get past the plateaus and blockades that have previously limited the pathways to your “psychic” abilities and inner Knowing (and this includes many, many who have been professional practitioners in the consciousness arts for a long time);
  • help you Remember how to practically access the FULL SPECTRUM of Divine frequencies of creation;
  • let go of the heaviness and expectations of ritual and ceremony;
  • realize what “healing,” “alchemy,” and “magic” really are (and very attainable in every day life, regardless of what it “looks like”);
  • release outdated expectations of yourself and others;
  • release the need for the “next thing” syndrome (you name it… next class, next book, next guru, next modality, etc.), and instead become IN-dependent on your internal navigation;
  • support you in taking the reins as Creator of your chosen reality, unapologetically, in a place of love that we’ve typically not allowed ourselves to embody and express as the part of our consciousness resident in this density.

What we do together is no dog and pony show; it takes dedicated self commitment, and though it isn’t flashy in the conventional way, it is REAL, it is POWERFUL, it is TRANSFORMATIVE, it is EFFECTIVE…

And it is MAGICAL.

The requirement is that you come to the table, 100% dedicated to you as the priority, and to doing whatever it is that’s to be done, to be released, to be shifted… no matter how uncomfortable it is to the ego.

I show up with you, 100%, and I expect YOU to do so, as well… because that’s how this works. We do it together… and you’re WORTH IT. Though how I can help you IS definitely an accelerated path to personal enlightenment and realization… it is NOT a “short cut.” For it to work, YOU are required to REALLY show up!

I’ll absolutely push you “off the cliff” on many fronts! In fact, I have many who have said that I’m wonderful at being the one who “kicks them in the butt” – with love, of course – because I know that there are many 3D habits to break to get there, including a LOT of negative, limiting self talk, beliefs, and practices.

“[Angela] has helped me navigate through some deep and substantial (and sometimes scary) changes in my life, fully encouraging my self-empowerment and reinforcing the importance of remembering and knowing my Divine Self every step of the way!


[She] has continuously encouraged me to deepen my practices and has pushed and supported me in accessing and following my own guidance in full trust. She has also assisted me in confidently accessing those facets of myself that have been waiting to come to the surface in the expansion of my own consciousness… and I now assist others in the expansion of THEIR journey…”

-Yashmin W

What I provide is not preferred for everyone. I fully see you as wholly capable, wholly powerful, and I will hold you to that! I am here as a conscious conduit to help you to Remember how to access that within you.

Are you ready? Then book a free 20-minute consult to see if we agree that we should continue down this path together!