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2022: Ready for New Beginnings! Let’s Go!

Angela Coulter's Conscious Connections, New Years '21/'22 Edition: Consciousness considerations as we end one energetic phase and start another. Expanded consciousness vision board course begins Jan 6th!

New Phase: Exponentially Accelerated Openings, Remembrance, Mass Awakening Galore!

15826476_10209951262712688_5564952900572918781_n…all at the speed of thought!

What a beautiful, fresh new phase… and year… so excited we’ve chosen to be here together during this experience!!!

I have so, so, SO much to share… so much has shifted, and for the … Read the rest

Are You “Going With the Flow”… or Using a “Spiritual Scapegoat”?

Are you "going with the flow"... or are you skillfully using blocks and redirection as a "spiritual scapegoat"? Some considerations and suggestions on how to see that within and remedy ourselves.

A Reflection from the Morning After (Elections)

I know this morning that a majority of my awakened and intelligent soul tribe are upset by the results the US elections. Before projecting on to something "out there" (whether or not you voted for the elects), here's a higher perspective on all of this to consider...

Some Lessons in This U.S. Presidential Election