House, Land, Space Clearings

House, Land, Space Clearings

Have you just purchased or rented a new home, you’re excited for a fresh start, and you’d like the new space to energetically fit you like a glove, in a place of support, high vibration, and happiness?

Alternatively, would you like to sell your house to the perfect prospective owners at the perfect price?

Are you having strange, unexplained occurrences in your home, and/or are you uncomfortable in your surroundings because something feels *not right*?

Buildings, land, and spaces have consciousness that consolidates all of what has come to what it is today (even new homes… all of the materials have an individual consciousness that comes together to create the consciousness of the new place). Negativity can get embedded in this consciousness, causing a heaviness or darkness that often negatively affects those within that space or on that land. Sometimes, the embedded negativity in a space allows for non-incarnate beings (spirits) who have the same vibration of negativity to stay, causing for unpleasant experiences for incarnates (people, animals) inhabiting or even passing through the same space.

I do in-person and remote house, land, and/or space clearings to help shift all of that, and bring the vibration of your space to one that’s supportive, nourishing, enjoyable, in a way that allows for optimal integration and function of you, your family, your animals, and your visitors, and specific to you, so as a part of your life, it supports your expansion, growth, and enjoyment while you are there in that shared space!

I do clearing sessions on all of the following:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Buildings
  • Land
  • Workspace
  • Property/Items

pyramidhouseclearingALSO, as a part of all space clearings, you’ll receive a custom-made large orgonite pyramid (see what orgonite pyramids are, and what do here), synched specifically with your energy and the energy of the space, which is infused with the intention of helping you hold a high vibration of love, success, and nourishment! This beautiful piece is incorporated into the cleansing process and yours to keep afterward, to help anchor in the high vibration and continuously work with you energetically!

Personal investment: $300, in person (within 15 miles of me in Fuquay Varina, NC*) or remotely. Remote clearings will still include an orgonite pyramid, which will be shipped at no additional charge.

Book a FREE 20-minute consult to talk about your situation and determine if this is the path for you!

*I will travel to your location if you’re further than 15 miles, but there is a surcharge of $0.55/mile beyond the 15 miles each way.