Trinity One: Self-Mastery Online Course

Are you ready to

  • GO BEYOND in all aspects of your existence (including advanced healing and doing the “impossible”)?
  • find out how TANGIBLE empowerment, consciousness, fulfillment, and love can be in your existence?
  • “upgrade your entire operating system” to exist in conscious creation and realization?

The Trinity One: Self-Mastery class is for accelerated self-work and consciousness expansion in a powerful, light-speed manner. It is the foundational work done in the Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner class; the focus is conscious creation of your reality, exponentially further opening the pathways within to access Divine Consciousness and remember “enlightened knowing/creation.”

  • Greatly enhanced meditation practice, meaning much easier to connect within and help minimize distracting thoughts while also consciously creating your existence;
  • Accelerated self-development tool that helps one open the way to their enlightened spiritual journey;
  • Accessing guidance, higher consciousness, and increasing spiritual awareness to become completely “IN-dependent” in realizing we ALL have ALL the answers within;
  • A full life practice – incorporation of thought, word, and deed with practical and vibrational application – in support of one remembering and realizing the infinite, powerful, and divine being we all are;
  • Helps one to access intuition and enhance spiritual gifts;
  • Helps one to unlock their ability to realize manifestations and intentions… change your life to be exactly what allows you to live your bliss! Prosperity, relationships, living situations, physical well-being; 
  • Helps one resolve and complete emotional and other energetic blocks to flow into a blissful life – prosperity, happiness, fun, health, and ease;
  • Helps one to align with the truth of who they are and why they’re here;

Personal investment: $555
REGISTER HERE via the Trinity Energy Progression Website

Classes are ONLINE on Zoom with Trinity Energy Progression Originator Angela Coulter.

Schedule (all four weeks required; paid students will receive access to class recordings afterward, as well):

  • Tuesday, 3/2/21 8-10pm ET
  • Tuesday, 3/9/21 8-10pm ET
  • Tuesday, 3/16/21 8-10pm ET
  • Tuesday, 3/30/21 8-10pm ET