28 Days of Forgiveness Online Course

Are you ready for true love? Are you sure?

The realization of true love is much different than you may think.

To truly love others, you must first love yourself.” First and foremost is for us to get to unconditional self love; to get to unconditional self love, is for us to forgive… not just others, but ourselves.

Join me, along with my Ascended World partner, Sarah Sieg Avignone, for the 28 days of February on a journey through forgiveness, in all aspects, at all levels: the world, others, relationships, and self. Every day, you’ll spend 10-15 minutes with us, where we will focus on one specific area for forgiveness.

Each day will include a new affirmation (and creation statement), a reflection exercise, and a short video including the day’s topic discussion with a meditation and energy clearing.

Simple and powerful; notice what shifts for you over the course of the month!

Cost $28 USD

REGISTER and participate on our Ascended World site!
DEADLINE to REGISTER: January 31, 2021!