Beyond Healing

Beyond Healing

Heal:    1. v To make sound or whole. (from Merriam-Webster online dictionary)
2. v To REMEMBER one’s wholeness, infinite ability of creation, and realize all else is an illusion (Angela Coulter/Ashanta A’nah)

What does “healing” mean to you?

  • Relieving pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional?
  • Completing a cycle of destructive patterns, including relationships, habits, and self-sabotage?
  • Resolving whatever it is that is holding you back or limiting you from being and doing what you’re called to be or do?

It’s actually all the same… and none of it.

We’ve gotten lost in the perception of what “healing” is. Some believe it’s simply not being in pain of some sort on a regular basis. When one is in chronic pain – whether it’s physical or emotional – it’s easy to shut down and lose sight of the bigger picture.

The act of doing whatever one can to get rid of the pain right now becomes “enough,” even though it is only a “temporary fix.” Pharmaceuticals, herbs, alcohol (especially for emotional pain), all kinds of external practices that serve to numb the individual. When utilized on their own, we get addicted to the alleviation of the symptom(s)… and most often decide that (or agree to) alleviating a symptom or set of symptoms and immediate discomfort is enough, so we stop efforts to change any further, but put continual efforts and attention to that alleviation.

The result: The symptom/symptoms and/or discomfort returns again and again… only to be fought back by the constant temporary fix.

Ultimately, we collectively put a LOT of effort and energy into NOT looking at, accepting, and shifting what causes our physical and emotional challenges!

In shifting to existing from to expanded consciousness, we remember and accept that pain and discomfort (and injury, illness, and trauma of all kinds) are simply symptoms of what we’re holding on to in the non-physical. So yes… whatever wholistic way the discomfort is alleviated is fine, as long as one looks at and commits to shifting what’s underneath it. When we change our reality into a different state, the symptoms become nonconsequential, they can go away entirely, and the individual proceeds in this new reality with a different perception and sense of power and acceptance.

This is true for illness, emotional and behavioral patterns of ALL kinds, regardless of what others have told us is unchangeable.

When we work together, I help you evolve to a different perception, to focus within, tap into your infinite Divine power and shift to a different reality where not only is that standard act of “healing” unnecessary… it is removed from the vocabulary entirely. Then we can recognize and exist in a reality where we know we already are sound and whole… and the focus is to actually let go and exist free of what we have previously allowed to hold us down and back.

I am a master energy healing facilitator, helping you to access the frequencies of well being and consciousness that you might not yet remember how to access yourself. Remember that no matter how intricate or complex the ritual of someone else…only you can “heal” yourself in realizing your own wholeness! My goal is NOT to make you dependent on me for your well-being; it’s to help you remember how YOU create your well-being, and how to change it (regardless of what the physical circumstances look like) on your own. We are ALL “healers” of our Self. You have the ability to change anything! I help you clear the paths you might have that are preventing you from remembering how to do this. Then, I help you to remember how to access these abilities in more powerful ways than we have accessed in these dimensions in a long time. Having had advanced training in a variety of different modalities and practices, often at the Master or Instructor level, I can assure you that this is far more powerful than practices that just focus on “channeling energy” to alleviate symptoms. It’s changing the foundation of your reality to exist from a place of wholeness, happiness, love, and infinite Divine ability… and to remember that you already are all of that, it’s time to allow it and remember how to exist there.

Testimonial: “My vocal chords had been paralyzed after cancer surgery and treatment… at the time I met Angela, I literally had no voice, and doctors had told me I would never speak in more than a whisper… We proceeded to work together for 6 sessions and see how it went. After the 6 sessions, my voice was improving; after 6 more, there was a noticeable improvement. Along with all of this, there were many issues around my health and my past marriage that I was able to resolve within myself. I then took the Trinity Energy Progression training class from Angela, and it all leapfrogged from there! Though I’m continuing to regain my voice and regain standing in my Truth, I can again speak to a roomful of people comfortably, and I feel much better about myself!” (Lynn T)