Beyond Enough

Beyond Enough

What is “enough” for you? Do you consider it a good thing… or bad? 

Do you find yourself thinking, “If I only had ___________, that would be enough?” How about, “This is enough for me…”

Or, conversely, “I’ve had enough”?

Challenging, when one word can be so many things, and on one hand can be intended to mean complete… and on the other hand can mean a compromise! 

The energy behind the word is what really counts.  The question is, does your Expanded Self feel the difference, or does it apply the same energy to all uses of that word?

Unfortunately, the use of “enough” has morphed into a tricky statement of lack that we convince ourselves means “complete”… but doesn’t.

How about:

“I’m happy enough…”

“I have enough to be comfortable…”

“I have enough (with the implication that I don’t deserve more than what I have)…”

“I make/have enough money…”

“I have a good enough relationship…”

The list goes on.

Often, the implication is that is we have “too much” of anything, we will create an imbalance in the Universe… which implies the belief is that everything is finite. Then the judgement by the ego is on a scale of how much we are worth, how much of “the pie” we’re worthy of having in comparison to everyone else.  How tricky! The ego hides it’s beliefs of unworthiness by creating what it believes is “acceptable limits” based on the basic level of worth one has. 

When we work together, we use the basis of understanding that all is INfinite, INfinitely possible, and therefore, there is no choice – there is simultaneously no “enough” and that everything is “enough” – and that what we have, what we do is fully created by us, free of weight of the choices or comparison with others. We also focus on the development and nourishment of unconditional self love – the core of which is what we allow ourselves to create in our own realities – and therefore, I help you realize that:

  • You are worthy to be the fulfilled embodiment of the Divine expression you are. We ALL do! That means you can be ALL of what you envision creating for yourself, and that your creation doesn’t have to negatively affect or limit anyone around you!
  • You are worthy to be fully supported by the Universe, in every way;
  • You are worthy to live in the way that your heart sings, in every moment of every day;
  • You are worthy to fully express the powerfully authentic you to the world, independent of what others choose (or judge) around you;
  • You are worthy to have all of this easily, and with fun, joy, and flow, regardless of your ancestry, regardless of everyone around you, regardless of your past…. regardless.
  • Simply… you are worthy.

Embodying this from a place of unconditional self love doesn’t take anything away from others, but how they limit themselves. Conversely, it gives others an example they weren’t conscious they needed… and it also gives them the space to realize this for themselves.

Going “beyond enough” is letting go of the idea that you have to take on the expectations and limitations of others… and instead realizing the full potential of who and what you are, and living the fulfilled, ecstatic, supported life you truly deserve!

“From the outside, many looked at me and thought everything was perfect: I had a successful, substantial, high profile business I had built from the ground up; I was married to a prominent individual in the community that many loved; I had a beautiful home, beautiful children… and what many thought was a beautiful life. But inside, I was withering away, as I had accepted and created the life I believed I had to have to prove my worthiness. It looked wonderful to others; it felt empty to me. The more I recognized I felt empty on the inside, the more I judged myself and felt shame for not being forever grateful for the life I was presenting to the rest of the world.


Angela helped me first to look inside and give myself permission to feel these things without judgment, to see what was truly me, and where I realized I had steered myself to a place of creating what I believed proved my worth from a place of lack. Then she helped me to realize my innate worth, find a new foundation for my creation, access my authentic self, and pursue a new path in life I preferred that had to do with letting go of the ‘picture’ I believe I had to have and instead create what really came from my heart.


I will admit, there was a lot of crumbling, a lot of tears in coming to this authenticity, and a lot of very, very challenging situations to navigate, as there was a lot that had to be released and rebuilt inside of and around me. But today, on the other side [years later], I have a completely different life pursuing and living my true passion as a career, a wonderful new spouse who supports me as me in every way, and I am TRULY happy in the life I’ve created! I can’t even explain how powerful I’ve realized I am, how magical my whole life has become in the acceptance of allowing myself to create exactly what I envision. And though I know it was a very challenging shift through this, I know it’s also created a space for my children to realize that they have the right to pursue the same, to know themselves, and to express and live the expression of their happiness from a place of true authenticity. I’m so thankful to have had Angela to reflect back to me in love and truth what I previously wouldn’t allow me to see in myself… and to help me give myself permission and remembrance on how to create it!” (Anonymous)