Beyond Awakening


Beyond Awakening

Meditation. The inner voices. Psychic ability. Energy healing. Angels. Ascended Masters. Star Beings. Channellings. Mediumship. Tarot. Astrology. Solar flares. Full moons. Activations. Light codes. Light language. Rituals. 

This list goes on…

What does it all mean?  What’s the “best and most powerful practice”?

This is the question many ask… or simply start a quest to find when the expanded consciousness Awakens.

Many who have been on the “active spiritual path” call themselves seekers… constantly trying one practice after another, reading one book after the other, going to one practitioner after another, taking one class after another… and are always looking for the answer, the power, the ability, the certification outside of themselves, believing others have more knowledge and ability than they innately do. This happens whether one is just starting on this active journey… or they’ve been on it for decades.

The challenge is, while we continue to look for the answers outside of ourselves, doing so indefinitely perpetuates the belief that there’s something we lack, when in actuality you already have any of the answers you’ve been seeking… without needing any tools.

We have all the answers and abilities we seek; it’s just for us to remember how to access them (and stop blocking ourselves from doing so).

My foundation of understanding is that you and I are the Divine embodied; that we are the same, infinitely powerful Beings, and that I’m awesome, magical, and amazing… and so are you.

The biggest challenge can be you truly believing that of yourself. That’s what I’m here to help you do… and to access all of that from within!

When we journey together, our focus is this realization, and helping you become truly IN-dependent on guidance, trust in your Higher Voice, remember that we ALL are the Divine. Though it’s great to get messages via the reflection of others and tools outside of you, you don’t need to depend on any of that any longer to exist from higher consciousness… and that your guidance will always be what’s most important for you. So, use tools of various kinds if you like… but they become unnecessary.

The result of remembering how to access all of this from within: You can use any “ability” you choose, in the way it best works for you, in any moment. No class required once you allow (and trust) yourself to do so!

Included in this evolutionary process is the remembering of our Divine Purpose. Many are getting the nudge to step into the shoes of their full Divine Being… and yet most still shy away from what we perceive as true Realization of how truly powerful we are. That’s what I’m here to help you do!

“For me, Angela’s teachings are so much more than a modality, they are a way of life, a way of living life to the fullest. Angela awakened me. I don’t remember my dreams very often, but this “awakened” me is like living in a ”dream” where I remember that I am a Divine being here to experience joy.


Angela’s loving being-ness lives in my heart. I can hear her voice in my head reminding me: “You can change that!” whenever I face challenges, and I can feel her joyous laughter reverberating through my body.” (Sandi N)