Beyond Alchemy

Beyond Alchemy

Alchemy: 1. n A power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way (from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary)

2. n The simple shifting of something from one state/thing to another… no “process” necessary (and in actuality, the simpler it is, the more powerful!) (Angela Coulter/Ashanta A’nah)


It’s time to go beyond the belief that magic, “supernatural,” psychic, and conscious shifting of energy has to be a “dog and pony show” – having to be demonstrated in a flashy or mysterious and 3D kind of manner, including in rituals, incantations, spells, and anything external to us. True alchemy is stripping away the masks of illusion and limitation and transforming into our infinite Divine state of being. 

The more we strip away complexity, the more powerful we become in our purity of conscious creation. When take away the external tools that we give our power to – once we remember that we are the ones who give them power – we allow that infinite Remembrance to fill us in full flow, free of the funnels of those externalizations. 

We become the true Alchemist, the true Magician. We become the Divine Self as we are, and we create, transform, create again, freely and easily, beyond the limits we’ve convinced ourselves we’ve had.

My goal on our road together is to first help you Remember that the tools are exactly what we allow them to be; that of course we can play, explore, empower them… until it’s time to Remember that it is our Self that gives them power… and I help you to Remember how to claim that again, recognizing that there needs to be no “shinies” for the magic of our Divine Remembrance. When this happens, there is no need for “healing,” as conditions and situations are shifted instantaneously and in flow.

“Angela has the marvelous ability to lead you to your own Wisdom, Power, and Truth in a completely non-judgmental, supportive, and fun-loving way. When in her presence you remember you are infinite possibility, you have the strength to stand in your power and all the answers lie within YOU.” (Cathy G)