About Angela

About Angela

Consciousness Transformation and Ascension Guide
Whole-istic Life Guide
Living the Shift Specialist
Spiritual and Energy Alchemist
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression
Master Energy Healing Facilitator/Instructor

I’m dedicated to helping you and others understand and remember how to practically apply the larger spiritual concepts (including those around the “path to enlightenment”) into day-to-day life, into every thought, word, and deed… “living the shift” in down-to-Earth enlightenment. When we do this, suffering, pain, and illness become nonexistent; creation becomes simple and instantaneous; we exist in our more natural, ascended state… and we remember how to MASTER and ENJOY our experience! The more individuals reach this… the faster the collective reaches it, and the faster we shift the entire planet to a more natural, ascended state.

In late 2011, I intuited and originated the practice of Trinity Energy Progression into existence here, which is a “next level” consciousness and spirituality practice, ascension method, and advanced healing modality. With originating this practice, guidance was to teach and spread it far and wide to help others accelerate advancement of their spiritual/healing progression, Awakened remembrance, and psychic/intuitive abilities in leaps and bounds. The practice now has many instructors and practitioners who have in turn been able to step into their authentic, Divine Realization, so they can bring their unique “flavor of ice cream” to our symphony of consciousness expansion!

Before Trinity Energy Progression, I was also well practiced and trained in a range of different energetic healing modalities (and instructed some as well), including Reiki, Archangelic Light, Multi-Dimensional Healing, ThetaHealing, shamanic work (including teaching and gifting Munay-Ki, the 9 Rites of Ancient Incan Shaman) and crystal healing. I am also an ordained interfaith minister of the Order of Melchizedek.

Beyond dedicating my life to consciousness expansion and empowered living full time since January 2011 , I had a successful corporate career for 17 years. and have been active in holistic and organic living and fitness for decades. I’ve been practicing martial arts for more than 11 years and have achieved 2nd degree black belts in two different practices – Tae Kwon Do and Shaolin Kung Fu (I am currently active in Shaolin Kung Fu) – which require living in balance of body, mind, and spirit. I also owned and operated a commercial, organically certified herb nursery for 5 years and am quite versed in herbal uses for support of optimal health.

I love to travel around the globe, exploring, holding space, teaching, speaking, connecting… and fully enjoying my presence in every place, in every moment!

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