FunenergyartAfter a strange and clunky day yesterday, with many having rather interesting reactions to things all around me, I went to sleep last night in the simplicity and bliss of Divine Consciousness… and I had a dream that really stuck with me this morning! In the “dream,” friends had had a baby, and they thought the child was deformed or sick. I realized they simply couldn’t see the full presence of the child, because it was only partially here in the 3D. I walked over to the baby, laying on a padded table (this was in a hospital), and it smiled at me (I knew immediately it was androgynous, genderless), because it knew I fully saw and knew it. The baby reached out its hands for me, and the parents were telling me I should keep away, until they knew “what was wrong with it.” I ignored them, walked over, took the baby’s hands, and helped it sit up. We gazed into each other’s eyes in unconditional love… and giggled together at our “private joke” (since we could fully see each other, when others couldn’t). We connected effortlessly telepathically, and I was guided to lean forward so my forehead would connect with the baby’s forehead. Then… an explosion of laughter and bliss and colors beyond imagination! I woke up n that energy, and have felt its flow ever since!

Part of the shift in the past 24 hours (at this Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse) has been the Higher Self pushing us to explore,”Can I STAY transcendent to the old 3D paradigms, regardless of what it ‘looks like’ around me? Can I STAY in a vibration of ‘love and above’ no matter what… and act DIFFERENTLY, stay clear in Higher Consciousness, and BE instead of REACT?” Doing this propels us forward, because we then stop being “stuck in the mud” once and for all.

Once we master this, the illusion becomes a piece of cake. Stay observant, especially your reaction to the self-imposed limitations of others… and just choose to BE, in love, play, and bliss.. and the rest shall be!!!


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