Month: January 2011

I hate to say it, but it’s time for us to STOP blowing bubbles!

One of the first things everyone learns in the world of meditation and/or what many call the world of the metaphysical is how to "use protection"... think of an aura-sized balloon around you filled with Light. However, the more I would think about this, the more I thought it didn't feel right to me. Did I believe that I should retain my "personal space" ? Absolutely. But I would think, "Doesn't putting a protective bubble around me make me more separate, when the quest is to remember our connection as One?"

Setting Our Own Flight Path (…but letting go of where that path might take us!)

Instead of the same ol', same ol' resolutions discussion, here's the magnificent view I've finally been able to start to see... and know what to look for as our journey in consciousness continues into 2011 (all before I hop on the elliptical!).